How to Change Whatsapp background

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  • First, you need to open WhatsApp.
  • Click menu button then select settings.
  • Press chats then choose wallpaper option.
  • Now you will be able to select wallpapers from your gallery, wallpaper library, etc.
  • It will also show live preview, just like below screenshot.
Now you can enjoy your favourite colour as your Whatsapp wallpaper.

Set Full Size Whatsapp DP Without Crop 2018

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  • Download Square Droid App from here –    Play Store
  • After Install SquareDroid App from play store, simply open it.
  • Now Select The option of Pick a Photo from here.
Now Select pic which you want to set as your Whatsapp DP, Select Background type and you are done.
  • Hit save button from top right corner and it will save your DP in your Phone.
  • Now you can set this Picture on your Whatsapp and it will not crop your image so you can’t lose any part of your image.

AdText Generator 2.2.6

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Ad Text Generator is a pay per click campaign development tool created by Google AdWords specialist, A.M Khan. Mr. Khan’s background is one of managing campaigns at the enterprise level for major corporations. Ad Text Generator was developed by Mr. Khan for use in helping his clients get the most out of their paid search marketing campaigns and after seeing its success on a large scale, Mr. Khan released it to the public.

Detailed Overview
When it comes to running a successful paid search marketing campaign, there are many critical elements to consider. Among these are things such as keyword selection, ad group creation/design and perhaps most important of all, the ability to create ads which achieve a high click through rate. If you can manage to write ads that get a lot of clicks, then you will be able to pay less for very competitive keywords. The reason for this is that search engines only make money when people click on your ads, and so if you can manage to set up your campaigns properly from the start, then you will have a significant competitive advantage. To help with this process, consider using a product like Ad Text Generator, which can help you improve the quality of your campaigns and get lower click prices overall.
What is Ad Text Generator?
Ad Text Generator is a software application which is primarily designed to perform a few key functions. These are:
  • Campaign Structure Management- One of the most challenging aspects of pay per click marketing is the process of simply setting up the campaign correctly. Ad Text Generator is designed to set up a campaign in the same manner as it would be set up by Mr. Khan himself. In his experience, the most important component of a successful campaign structure is that “core keywords” are set up in their own unique ad group. This ensures a good quality score which increases the likelihood that the ad copy will be relevant and targeted.
  • Ad Creation- Without a doubt, the most difficult aspect of creating a successful paid search marketing campaign is writing compelling ad copy. Unless you are an experienced copywriter, coming up with compelling ads is usually the hardest thing that you will have to do. The good news is that Ad Text Generator has a built in spying feature which gives you the ability to “swipe” ads from your competitors and then copy only the most successful ones for use in your own campaigns.
  • Split Testing, Monitoring and Tweaking- Once you have your campaign created and launched, then the real hard work begins. Essentially, to become a successful pay per click marketer you must constantly strive to split test and improve your ad copy to achieve ever higher click through rates for your ads. Doing so will ensure that you are continually producing high quality, relevant ads which will result in lower bid prices for your pay per click campaigns.

Download:  AdText Generator 2.2.6

Earn Money Online With Gaming with G2A

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Get Paid To Share Links (Adult Links Allowed) 2017

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Get Paid To Share Links (Adult Links Allowed) 2017

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- we pay for all countries in the world, 6 views per IP
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Download 68 Ebooks Free

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Download free without pulling out your wallet.
Ebooks included:
  1. 100 Business Boosting Ideas
  2. Affiliate List Pro
  3. Anti-Addiction
  4. Anxiety Video Site Builder
  5. Avoid Major Mort Scams
  6. Bad Breath Video Site Builder
  7. Basic Gaming Toolbox
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  52. Sober Forever
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  66. Win Your Ex Back
  67. FaceBook Fan Page Tips
  68. 202 Tips to Work Effectively

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