Earn Money Online With Gaming with G2A

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Get Paid To Share Links (Adult Links Allowed) 2017

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Get Paid To Share Links (Adult Links Allowed) 2017

- 100% legal adult content friendly, no more risk of getting banned
- the highest CPM rates in the market
- use your own domain with us = more clicks on your links
- we pay for all countries in the world, 6 views per IP
- adblock detection, increase your revenue from users with this software
- daily payments to PayPal, Payza and Payoneer

And best of all, as a special offer to AdFly publishers only, for the first 7 days using Adult.xyz we will pay you DOUBLE rates!

So you have nothing to lose, register with the same email address as your AdFly account before 30th September 2016 to qualify for the promotion at:

After 7 days we will automatically add the bonus money to your account. You don't need to do anything else.


Download 68 Ebooks Free

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Download free without pulling out your wallet.
Ebooks included:
  1. 100 Business Boosting Ideas
  2. Affiliate List Pro
  3. Anti-Addiction
  4. Anxiety Video Site Builder
  5. Avoid Major Mort Scams
  6. Bad Breath Video Site Builder
  7. Basic Gaming Toolbox
  8. BB Court Master
  9. Best Skin Ever
  10. Better Relationships
  11. Candle Making Site Builder
  12. Cats Video Site Builder
  13. Choosing Child Care
  14. Connect With Spirituality
  15. Contact Lenses Site Builder
  16. Create Unique Online Brand
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  20. Diet And Exercise
  21. Discover Jesus Christ
  22. Dominate YouTube
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  38. Mexico Video Site Builder
  39. Membership Site Kick starter
  40. Money Management Students
  41. Mortgages Video Site Builder
  42. Mothers Day Vector Images
  43. Marketing Site Template
  44. Pass Recurring Income Shopify
  45. PLR Mania
  46. Pro Copywriter
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  48. Raising Toddlers
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  50. SEO PPC Ninja Calculator
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  52. Sober Forever
  53. Sports Apparel Video Site Builder
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  58. True Aspirations
  59. Viral Marketing Tips
  60. Web Copy Guard
  61. Web List Pro Mini Site
  62. Webmasters Photo Kit
  63. Website Advertising
  64. Wheelchair Lifts Site Builder
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  66. Win Your Ex Back
  67. FaceBook Fan Page Tips
  68. 202 Tips to Work Effectively

Free Money From YouGov Surveys 2017

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Earn Free Money From YouGov Surveys 2017

YouGov are offering FREE money for every survey completed to males aged between 18 and 24. Once you have enough points you get a £50 payout via cheque or bank transfer. YouGov is one of the most trusted survey panels with plenty of surveys available for you to take.
To claim your free money from YouGov surveys, click ‘GET FREEBIE’, register with your details or use your Facebook account to sign up. On the right hand side of the page you’ll see ‘Available Surveys’. Complete as many of these as you can and you’ll be awarded with points.
When you reach 5000 points you can redeem a £50 cheque. Alternatively you can choose to spend points on entering daily cash prize draws.

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Adfly Alternatives : Linkbucks

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Linkbucks a Perfect Adfly Alternatives

It is my first post in this blog. I started this blog to share my views which i got while working on internet. Lets come to my blog topic. How many of you know about adfly. If you use or know about adfly or thinking to start using adfly then please read this post. As you know adfly is a URL shortner service which pay you
if you can get click by other people in your short link. But today i am not going to talk about adfly but i will tell you about a alternative of adfly named Linkbucks. Linkbucks is new service like adfly. I have used there service as an alternative and i am really impressed.

Problems with adfly

It is known to all the adfly is the market leader in this sector. But they have some problems too
  • Some time it pay less rate in comparison to Linkbucks.
  • Adfly server some time can remain down for long time that can create a major problem for users.
  • They can ban you in some cases which really is big concern for all.
  • They don't have a separate rate for adult and non-adult sites. 

Why Linkbucks is a solution 

When consider the problem of adfly you can assume some good feature of Linkbucks. Sing up to Linkbucks
  • It pay a higher rate then adfly( not every cases). Linkbucks Top Country Payout: $1.00 / 435 Clicks which is better then adfly
  • Their server is really good. I never get it down.
  • Linkbucks have a separate rate for adult and non-adult links.
  • Unlike adfly Linkbucks has locker link which CPM is really awesome.
  • They pay via Paypal also Payza which are good for non supporting Paypal Countries.
  • They pay instant via automatic payment system which i like most.  Sing up to Linkbucks.

Your Views

I told at first it is my first post so there are some problem in my writings. But as a big plan behind this blog i surely do everything i can to become a good blogger. If you use linkbucks or adfly please tell me how are you doing. 

Earn $4000 per month from linkbucks Fast - How to Make Money Fast with Linkbucks

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Online money making idea is very hot and great things in internet sector. Linkbucks is one of the best website to make money in online. This is one of the website or network i already use long time and gets lot of benefit and also suggest other person to use this network. Make money using Linkbucks without any investment.

Linkbucks allows user to make extra money for sharing url on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Myspace. Best part about Linkbucks is that they allow you to share any link.

What is Linkbucks?
If you are looking other ways to make money, the leader in the social marketing, Linkbucks is safe and paying site to use. It’s basically a PPP site (paid to post), where you earn money when someone clicks on your posted converted links and picture. There are multiple options when you converting the links, various alias URL’s, different ad types and its rates which it offers makes it the best program of its kind to make fast and easy money.

Payment Options

Payout for 1000 views: Upto $6

payment options: Payoneer and Paypal
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Time: Instant

How can you make money with Linkbucks?

It's Easy, just sign up for Linkbucks, it takes a few minutes, Linkbucks has a $5 minimum Payout.

Once you sign up, you can easily start creating Linkbucks url links to share with your friends. If you are like me and have a good social network following, you can make lot of money just by sharing articles and blogs/websites. They don't even have to be your own.

The blogs and forums has gone far that people can miss your single thread, so all what you got to do is to post your thread at multiple forums. You can up to $1-$5/day, depending upon the number of forums you post like 20 forums> $1.

Start single thread
It’s one of the best methods, register to one of the forums, follow the gallery dumping method mentioned above in the appropriate section of the forum, and start a new thread with attractive descriptions and relevant content, which could be pictures of any kind, games, software, wallpaper etc.

Gallery Dumping 
It’s the traditional method and many people use it so its lets effective, but you can get started. All what you need is to dumb an album of adult pictures 200 pictures at least per day to make about $0.5/day. Don’t freak out you can get pictures from imagefap.com, sharedimages.com or imagereverb.com, generate the HTML or BBcode and select pictures in rows and then go to Linkbucks>Create Links>Multiple Links and paste the codes in the box.

Post megathreads at deficient places 
Look for the forum where you will hardly find replies on post but has 20 or more visits on every thread, simply post a thread mentioning in between your title ‘mega thread daily updates’ and see your earning increase. But if you find forums with at least 2-3 replies simply post up to 10 threads and forget about it.

Blog about your posting 
You can make use of sites like blogger.com or wordpress.com, that will help you to initiate a free blog where you can discuss your about the links which are cloak with Linkbuks.

Buy a domain and hosting 
With purchasing a domain you got the quick install of different forums like PHPbb3, SMF, etc where you can post threads. You can make up to $10/day if you have a known website with high traffic.

It’s a paying file host that pays you approx $5- $10/1000 downloads, so get your pictures, software or whatever you want to share through and it and get paid. Don’t forget to cloak your downloaded link with Linkbucks and paste it on some forums.

Bonus tips 
You can use popup ads when posting galleries but it’s better to put one only and try to not to post many galleries together. You should try to get referrals, the best passive earning way, as you will be getting 20% commission over their earnings.

Register on Sharedimages 
The site pays you $1/1000 views, so why not posting those images which get you paid over click on Linkbucks and get paid through sharedimages by viewing them. Download the images in bulk, upload them on sharedimages, when you have done get all the codes, cloak it with Linkbuck and post mega or single threads at various places.

Reply on thread you created 
What majority would like to consider before viewing is the number of views and replies, so bookmark your threads and next day instead of creating another thread post a reply.

Making Money From Linkbucks on Twiends
Linkbucks has different ad types you can associate with your url links. For example, you have the top banner, which is the one i normally use because i haven't heard of it breaking any banners. Also, you can use side banner as well. Of course there are intermission ads but if you know like i do, you know web users dislike pop up ads. Unfortunately, this is highest paying ad type provided by Linkbucks but as long as you are getting good traffic it will add up.

Making Money From Linkbucks on Myspace and Facebook
This is one of easiest methods to making money with Linkbucks. Depending on your social network status, you can earn extra money with something as simple as a status update.

For example, I have a Myspace page with nearly 50,000 friends, I'd say about 2/5 of them are online at least once a day. I may have found a really cool article such as the OJ Simpson prison beating that I want to share. What I'll do is pick a good status update such as, "OJ Simpson Got Beat Down In Prison?" to attract attention to  url link. Lets say there are 20,000 friends online and 5,000 click on url link. That is easy money in seconds!

Why are you Waiting?

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